* Bernalillo with the Algodones loop.

This was my first ride of the year with the club.




* Me and my new RIO Cycling Club jersey

25 degree start warming to just above 40.  I was trying a new set of layers.  A cycling jersey base layer (for the use of the pockets), a soft thermal jacket, and the thin wind jacket.


* Our sponsor:  Cycle Cave

The folks at Cycle Cave are super friendly and always feed us danish and coffee.  We left at 9 am… a little past the normal 8:30 start time.


* False start… flatted!


* Double pace line.  Love it!

Always working on our tight formation:  Double pace line with turn-outs on both sides.  I really like the structure, discipline and formality of our paceline.  Never a dull moment.


* Bernalillo Stop N’ Rob

The final mile or so is (for those who desire) a sprint to the convenience store for a short break and refueling.


* Placitas Hwy and I25 re-group

The hill out of Bernalillo takes its toll on a couple of riders and we stop to wait for them to catch up.


* Look!  Off in the distance!


* 40+ peloton with a tailwind!

One of the biggest pacelines (loose) that I’ve ever seen for a weekend ride. Several teams were present in this one. With a tailwind they approached us at 24 mph, while we moved north at 18 mph.


* Find a pocket from the wind!

The double paceline has plenty of places to hide from the wind.  Well…. except the lead positions.  Haha!


* Slow your roll to help a dropped rider

We had severely dropped one of our riders and pull back to 13 mph in order for him to catch up.  Our leader, Roy (on the left with his head turned back) spent many of the remaining miles coaching him on how to conserve energy and proper cadence.  I’m always learning something with the club!