With the club…

7:15am, 21 degrees… Ready to roll!

I decided to ride to The Cycle Cave from home.  RIO ride starts at 8:30 or so.  Very very cold.  New world record for cold rides in the world of Russ:  21 degrees.



A couple times a year, my commute view up Alameda is THIS!  All I can think is, “Can they see me?… can they see me?”


Chappel Road from Singer to Osuna:  Several of these signs popped up this week.  I don’t like the precedence that is being set here.

Bernalillo Stop N Rob break


Bernalillo Stop N Rob discussions



I turned off from the club in Bernalillo.  Highway 528 and then to Corrales Road brings me back home.  I love the view of the mountains from this route.