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The Top Ten Reasons…

For a while I’ve wanted to write something explaining why people should travel. Having spent a half a decade exploring the world, more and more I find myself not just traveling for my own benefit but using my platform to encourage others to travel. The problem is, to me the “why” of travel is so obvious that it is hard to put into words. It is also something very personal and different people are going to have very different reasons for traveling.

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The front and back racks for Project Bike arrived yesterday.  Topeak for the rear and Surly for the front… along with the matching Topeak rear trunk bag.  The rear rack was a piece of cake taking only 15 minutes.  The front Surly Nice Rack on top of my existing suspension fork was another matter entirely!  A couple hours later and with a bit of creative use of the spare Surly mounting hardware, things are looking SOLID!

By the way… Have a look at this video.  Pretty much sums it up!!  Haha!