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DIY: FlagStickStand $10

On the subject of kick-stands and touring bikes… There are those of us who use the frame mounted variety… predictably and faithfully. There are those of us who don’t. And some of us simply rely on the durability of panniers, securely fastened pumps, and water tight bottles as we randomly drop our rigs to the ground.

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Cycling With Kirt to Sandia Crest

A little video put together as we cycled to Sandia Crest.  Contains video footage of an actual TORNADO siting!!  Have a look!

Jemez Tour

The familiar itch for another cycle tour had been starting to creep-up, so when a couple of friends extended an invitation to join their group campout, I jumped.  Not simply an invitation to join them, but included was the unimaginable offer to transport some of my gear: my faithful, old, Eureka dome tent, a comfy sleeping pad and a couple of sleeping covers.   In the world of cycle touring, weight equates to suffering and this kind gesture opened up the possibility of going the extra distance including several miles of washboarded and dusty dirt road.

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