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Sandia Crest road cycling with friends.

Last week the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) released all the supporting evidence gathered in their doping conspiracy case against Lance Armstrong.  I always figured that there was doping in the ranks of professional cycling and expected the evidence to show nothing less.  What I didn’t expect was a complete reversal of my perception of a man I used to admire.

The website at the following link contains hundreds of PDF pages of witness statements, photos, and evidence.  It only took a few clicks to rapidly reveal a man vastly different than I had previously perceived.


Reasoned Decision and all supporting evidence in the Lance Armstrong case.

The weather was looking good for a workable mass ascension this morning, so I decided to leave a bit early and get some pictures on the way to my NMTS ride.

After a unusually large dawn patrol, this is the first wave.  The wind was pushing them to the north and west.

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