We decided to meet at the Starbucks at Central and Tramway. Our destination is the Sandia Peak Ski Area. I got there a bit early and setup my bike. The weather was excellent!

We started as a tight little group and headed up the canyon.

Quickly, we broke into smaller groups while I stayed near the back. This is Mike.

First regroup at the Subway in Tijeras. Rick, in the black/white and riding a FIXIE, said, “You guys are probably going to drop me on this first 8% piece, so I’ll see you at Cedar Crest”.

Once, I made it to Cedar Crest, I asked Rick (on the FIXIE!!), “Hey, so…. Just exactly when were we supposed to drop you?” He just laughed! Anyways, this is Rick and Craig setting the pace on the last 7 mile stretch to the ski area.

It took a while and after finally passing Rick and Craig, I made it to the ski area. Later, my Strava results showed that I had shaved 2 full minutes off my segment time. SUHWEEET!!!

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