Our typical Saturday club ride and with the warmer weather we started with 18 people.

I really like when we get a large group out; lot’s of fun and different personalities with various conversations along the way.

The leader is always watching to ensure the safety of the group. Corners are negotiated with warnings passed back to the group.

As we warm up and move north along San Pedro, our double paceline tightens up.

Heads turning left and right before we proceed through intersections.

McCleod and San Mateo intersection. Lucky if the sensor picks us up!

Moving north along the frontage road and starting to accelerate the warm up. Leaders take turns pulling up front and fall back as a pair when ready.

A little "hang-nail" called The Overlook nearing Placitas. Short and steep before rejoining the highway terminating at the dirt road leading into Las Huertas Canyon.

After a re-group at the end of the pavement east of Placitas we descend. Don’t miss the freight train being pulled by the tandem. I missed it!

Adjustments to the rear deraileur of the tandem.

The small remaining group works its way back to ABQ in the wind.

Tight double paceline gives plenty of rest in preparation for a turn up front!

After 73 miles, we abandoned the idea of climbing Tramway in favor of BEER!

These two ‘beautiful people’ couldn’t take our scent and moved to the other side of the room.