In July this year, a group from the club is headed to Italy for a week of fully supported touring. They’ll put in more than seven MILES of climbing in the Dolomites. In preparation, we gather each Sunday to help them train for this and many other upcoming mountainous rides of the season.

Personally, I’m training for Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango over Memorial Day weekend. 52 miles and 6500 feet of climbing in a race against the train from Durango to Silverton, Colorado. The last time I did this ride, it took me 4 hours and 35 minutes. The train does it in a little over three hours. Stay tuned!!

Roy and Jake. Two wheels I can hold… sometimes. A couple miles east of The Triangle on Frost Road.

The rest of the group approaches as we turn onto Mountain Valley Road and head south.

There are some pretty nice rollers on Mountain Valley Road. The crest of the steepest one offered an opportunity to see where we were headed. Denise.

Paul, our Climbing Camp Director. He crafted the concept of these Sunday rides and we get to explore some pretty nice scenery.

Scot is our club president and will be headed to Italy with the rest of them. This dog was polite and didn’t bark. Most aren’t.

As we head back toward Carnuel from the old Dead Man’s Curve, the wind picked up considerably and we tighten up single file.