Accepted a challenge to sign-up for the 2013 El Tour De Tucson.  111 miles at 2000 feet elevation and 2200 feet of vertical climbing.  A nice way to finish out the 2013 riding season and insert a HUGE goal for the remainder of my 2013 training.

El Tour is different in that, from the moment the start gun fires, the clock is running.  It is an ‘elapsed time’ event with preferential starting placement going to riders with better times from previous years.  In 2010, with 9000+ riders, it took me a few MINUTES to roll through the start line.  Although those few minutes help overall, the bigger issue is not being able to grab a wheel on the front pacelines that leadout in this ‘tour’.

Although, I don’t have an actual ‘goal’ in mind for this year, my hope is to improve on my previous time.  In 2010, I produced an overall time of 7 hours and 37 minutes.   With my current level of training and various stragtegies, I hope to do better than that.