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Railrunner Ride

Left the house at 5:45am.  Trying to catch the 1:26 pm train at the 599/I25 station.

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Gilman Tunnels

Well….. A ride to Bernalillo turned into….. A ride to San Ysidro which turned into…..  A ride to Gilman Tunnels!  111 miles!!!  One bottle of water and a very small amount of snacks.

Bernalillo turned into San Ysidro which turned into the Gilman Tunnels! Epic Ride!!


NMTS email blast indicated a 100 mile ride for today.  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  A large group of approximately 30 started the ride with many turning around at various points.  A small group of 6 of us completed the entire ride.  Since I rode from home, I ended up with 111 miles in 6 hours and 10 minutes.  Definitely one of my best times!

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Cold morning with RIO

With the club…

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* Bernalillo with the Algodones loop.

This was my first ride of the year with the club.

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